Consular Corps of South Carolina


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The South Carolina Consular Corps (SCCC) is an organization of Honorary Consuls who serve or have served as representatives of foreign nations in South Carolina. SCCC members represent over 20 nations that maintain honorary consulates in South Carolina. 

The SCCC members are also Consul Generals and Honorary Consuls who may reside outside of South Carolina but their responsibilities include South Carolina. 

Consuls and honorary consuls are officially appointed by a foreign nation and recognized by the U.S. Department of State. They render assistance and protection to nationals of the countries they represent and serve as spokespersons for that government. They also promote ties between South Carolina and the nations they represent.

The South Carolina Consular Corps promotes activities that support international trade, business, exchange and education. The SCCC also promotes camaraderie, the exchange of best practices within its network, and seeks to leverage the endeavors of organizations with similar goals.  

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