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Online:  Panel:  International Trade Promotion - organized the The Consular Corps College picture
Oct. 21
Online: Panel: International Trade Promotion - organized the The Consular Corps College
Start time:
9:12 p.m.

International Economic Development and Trade Promotion: An Overview of National and State Resources for Consuls and Honorary Consuls 

One of the key functions of consuls and honorary consuls is to facilitate economic exchanges, advising foreign businesses on how to enter the US market, and also advising US companies on how to export to and invest in countries around the world. This seminar will present an overview of the US national and state resources and people that help consuls and honorary consuls provide the necessary information to encourage business in both directions.

There is no fee for this webinar, but registration is required. A zoom link will be provided upon registration.

For more about the Consular Corps College, please visit For over fifty years, the Consular Corps College has dedicated itself to training and educating consular officers; serving as a channel of information; improving proficiency; and promoting fellowship with U.S. Government agencies and among foreign consular officers serving in the United States.  

On Wednesday October 21st the Consular Corps College will host the second of a series of three webinars specifically aimed at Consuls and Honorary Consuls serving in the United States of America. Certificates of Participation will be issued to those who register and participate in at least two out of the three webinars. A lot of time and dedication has been invested to bring these exciting webinars to us. We encourage all consuls to participate in all three.